What happened to the old E-Club?

The E-Club was significantly reorganized in 2021. The board of directors was replaced, and new bylaws were established. While the primary mission of the E-Club has not changed, many of the activities previously sponsored by the board will no longer happen (e.g., E-Trader, perks, and Christmas party).

What happened to the E-Trader?

We no longer accept submissions for advertisement or announcements, and we no longer publish the E-Trader.

What happened to the member perks/discounts?

The E-Club no longer maintains the member discount program. L3Harris employees may find discounts through company-sponsored programs.

Who can join the E-Club?

Membership is limited to activity groups. There are not individuals who are members of the E-Club.

Can my organization be part of the E-Club?

Yes! Whether, you represent a new organization or an organization that was part of the old E-Club (pre-2021), please contact the board of directors for information about how to join. One benefit of E-Club membership is the tax-exempt status.