Photo Contest is BACK!!!!

Photo Contest for 2015 – Ryan Lange, Coordinator, ext. 82021

Categories for the contest months of 2015 are:

August: “Architecture” – Capture the creativity and engineering feats that surround our daily lives. Photos are due COB 8/28/15.

October: “People of Wisdom” - It takes decades of life on this earth to appreciate the wisdom or our elders. Show this appreciation thru a photo & maybe you’ll meet a new friend. Photos due COB 10/30/15.

Some of the previous rules may have changed. Check the July 23 edition of the E-Trader for complete listing of rules.

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Discounts for Area Attractions

Check out the E-Club website for discounts to various entertainment venues. From the main E-Club page, click on "Stamps & Ticket Prices" in the left column.

  • Six Flags - $45 per E-Club member
  • Hurrican Harbor - $25 per E-Club member
  • Schlitterbahn Water park in New Braunfels
  • Hawaiian Falls Water Park
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival

and much more!!!

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Coming Up

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.


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