2016 E-Club Photo Contest

February: “Water” – Capture an image with water in the photo.

April: “Long Exposure at Night” – Recommend using a tripod to capture a long exposure photo at night. Get creative with cityscapes, the night sky, traffic streaming by, Christmas lights, etc.

June: “Black and White” – Think about your contrasting colors that make a black and white photo timeless.

August: “It’s the Small Things That Matter”— Get macro with your camera and make something small bigger than life!

October: “Automotive” – Automobiles are a staple in our society. Capture an image that brings out the beauty of your subject.


$75 for each category winner

$15 for each category runner-up (3 max)

Contest Rules Highlights:

  • Business appropriate
  • Maximum of two entries per person per category
  • Sizes of 8x10 or 8x12 are recommended with a minimum size of 5x7
  • No frames or matting
  • Picture must have been taken within the last year
  • Submit photos to the receptionist in the lobby of Bldg. 137
  • Deadline is the last Friday of the month listed (Feb. 26th for February)
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Discounts for Area Attractions

Check out the E-Club website for discounts to various entertainment venues. From the main E-Club page, click on "Stamps & Ticket Prices" in the left column.

  • Six Flags - $45 per E-Club member
  • Hurrican Harbor - $25 per E-Club member
  • Schlitterbahn Water park in New Braunfels
  • Hawaiian Falls Water Park
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival

and much more!!!

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Coming Up

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.


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