2014 E-Club Photo Contest June Results

October Category - Sports.

August Contest Failed to meet the 10 Photo submission requirement. No awards for the August category.

June Contest Winners:

Winner: "Cat" by Lisa Berube

Runners Up:

"Long Day in the Car" by Debbie Howard

"Cool as Blue" by John Weidman

"Man's Best Friend" by Sherri Whitley

Honorable Mention:

"Fort Jefferson - Clear Water" by Kathy Petty

"View from Sunroof" by Michela Campbell

"Hard Days Work" by Nicole Weidman

"Bridge" by Nicole Thelen

April Contest Winners:

Winner: "Eye of the Frog" by Brett Pelham

Runners Up:

"Prickly Pear Storm" by Ken Stroud

"Shades of Blue" by Ryan Lange

"Sea Lion at 30 Feet" by Kevin Duignan

Honorable Mention:

"Eagle Alert" by John Weidman

"Yosemite National Park" by John Nelson

"The One that Got Away" by Ken Stroud

"Lost in the Caribbean" by Ryan Lange

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2014 Photo Contest Rules

Categories for each month listed:

February: "Love"

April: "Nature" (Can be landscape to macro, as long as it is related to nature)

June: "Phoneography" (Submit a photo taken with a cellphone)

August: "Beautiful Blur" (Make some creative images using blur, such as motion-blur, out of focus, etc. Be creative!)

October: "Sports"

2014 Contest Rules


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