Conflict Resolution Policy

In an organization that is the nature and size of the Employees Club, it is unavoidable that occasionally there will an individual or group who are dissatisfied with the operation, or perceived operation of the Club. This Conflict Resolution Policy is intended to make sure that each grievance is handled promptly, fairly and consistently. In addition, adherence to these guidelines should minimize the stress level for both the conflict originator and club representatives. The guidelines appearing below are offered in the spirit that both parties are ultimately interested in the best interest of the Employees Club and it's members.

  1. When a complaint or problem or is brought to any member of the board:
    1. Determine the mood of the person lodging the complaint
      1. If the person is angry or abusive in any way, direct them immediately to the President. If not, proceed to step B.
    2. Determine the appropriate director to resolve the issue:
      1. Sport or Club problem - Sports & Clubs Director
      2. Membership problem - Membership Director
      3. Photo development problem - Photo Director
      4. Event problem - Event Director (Annual Meeting, Family Outing, Christmas Party, etc.)
      5. Financial problems - Treasurer, Vice President or President
      6. By-laws, Operating Guidelines problems - Secretary, Vice President or President
      7. Special Ticket Sales - Special Ticket Sales Director
      8. Problem not described above - Vice President or President
    3. Responsible directors detailed above should attempt to resolve the problem in accordance with E-Club By-laws, Operational Guidelines and established Precedents.
      1. Unresolved problems at the responsible director level may take one of two paths.
        1. Refer the person/group to next level - Vice President or President
        2. Bring the problem before the Board for resolution. Special Sessions may be called for this purpose. In some circumstances, an appropriate committee such as the budget committee can resolve the problem. Such resolutions may cause changes in documents such as the Operating Guidelines. If the nature of the conflict warrants, the person or group lodging the complaint may meet with the Board or Committee to resolve the issue.
      2. All resolutions made by the Board of Directors or it's appointed Committee shall be Final.
  2. General Guidelines:

    Always remember that as a member of the Board of Directors, we are the representatives of the E-Club Members, and as such should address each conflict with professionalism and courtesy. However, your personal rights are equally important and you should never have to be placed in a position where you are a target of misplaced mistrust or hostility. The Employees Club Board of Directors is the final authority on matters regarding the operation of the E-Systems Employees Club. Remember what the Employees Club is about - providing the best value in leisure and recreational benefits to all of our members. In short, it's about having fun.