E-Club Purpose

The purpose of the E-Club is to promote social, cultural, and physical activities desired by the E-Club members and their families. The E-Club sponsoring organization that it reports to.

Membership in the E-Club is limited to employees and retirees of the E-Club's sponsoring organization, their spouse, and dependent children living at home. Associate membership is available to employees of the Service First Credit Union, and employees of the cafeteria.

The E-Club sponsors activities clubs, such as the Golf Club, the Network Gaming Club, Square Dancing, etc. Sponsorship may include funding, insurance coverage, advertisement, and other forms of assistance. Membership in many of the activities clubs are open to everyone including non-E-Club members, but may not exceed 50% of the total membership in each club. The E-Club does not provide funding for non-E-Club member personnel in the clubs.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the E-Club

  1. Reduced cost to join clubs and sports teams.
  2. Special sports tickets are available at a discount.
  3. Free gifts at Children's Christmas Party for children 0 - 11.
  4. Free Easter Egg hunt for children & grandchildren.
  5. Free swimming at the city pool on E-Club nights.
  6. Casino trips.
  7. Discount tickets to Six Flags and other area attractions.
  8. Free movie ticket giveaways.
  9. Great cruise packages.
  10. Meet other employees of the E-Club's sponsoring organization.

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