Section 1. deleted; refer to Article V, Section 7

Section 2. At the annual meeting, the President shall call for nominations from the floor, which latter nominations shall likewise be subject to the provisions of Section 1 hereof. When nominations are closed, the vote shall be taken and tallied and the results announced during the meeting or the following week by communication through E-News, e-mail and/or the E-Trader.

Section 3. Nominations and elections shall be in the following order:

  1. Nominations for board of directors
  2. Election of board of directors

Section 4. No member shall have more than one vote per directorship opening and shall not be entitled to vote by proxy.

Section 5. An announcement of vacant director positions shall be posted at least 3 weeks prior to the annual meeting and published in print media for 3 consecutive weeks prior to the annual meeting. All eligible applicants shall appear on the ballot including space for write-in candidates.