Section 1. The name of this Club shall be: E-CLUB, INC.


Section 2. The purpose of this Club shall be to support a benevolent and social undertaking more fully defined as follows:

  1. To secure by donation, subscription, dues, or otherwise, money or pledges or other properties, personal or real, or obligations to pay in money or property.
  2. To accumulate or hold any funds or other property and invest and re-invest any of the same for the accomplishment of the purposes herein set forth.
  3. To promote and encourage among the members and their families the social, cultural, outing and physical activities desired by the members.
  4. To maintain, manage, and promote outdoor and indoor recreational facilities for the members of the Club and their families.

Section 3. This Club shall be organized and operated exclusively for social, cultural, recreational, and other non-profitable purposes, and no part of the assets or earnings of this Club shall inure to the benefit of any member, officer, or director of this Club.

Section 4. Specific Club/Organization operating procedures shall be prescribed in the Sponsored Club and Activities Operating Guidelines document.