2012 Photo Contest

2 Categories for each month listed:

February: "Patterns" and "Animals"

April: "Flowers" and "Black & White"

June: "Landscape" and "Blue"

August: "Kids" and "Architecture"

October: "Miscellaneous" and "Action"

2012 Contest Rules


  • All photos must be business appropriate.
  • Entries are limited to photos taken by E-Club members (YOU, your spouse or children); no professional photographers* (see notes on Professional).
  • The picture may be from any time period. Pictures that won prizes (from any year of the contest) may not be resubmitted at any time.
  • Maximum of two entries per person, per category; therefore you may enter 4 photos per month (if you enter 2 in each category)
  • Submit on paper or photo quality paper with minimum size of 5x7. Sizes of 8x10 are recommended. No larger than 8x12 will be accepted for judging.
  • No frames; may be matted or not.
  • Label the photo on the back with the name & phone number of the primary E-Club member.
  • All decisions by the judges are FINAL.
  • The E-Club uses volunteer judges, and they reserve the right to award "no winner(s)" in a category.
  • Minimum 10 entries for a category to be judged and a winner awarded.
  • Up to 4 runners-up may be awarded per category.
  • A person may not enter any more contests for the year after 3 first place wins during that year.

Entering your photo:

The opening and closing dates for each category will be announced in the E-Trader. Photos may be submitted to the receptionist in the Bldg 137 Lobby, or via company mail to CBN 180, c/o E-Club.


Judging will be by a panel of E-Club members. Any E-Club members that do not have a picture entered in a category may volunteer to judge that category. The top 5 photos in each category will be displayed in either Bldg 117 or the 208 Cafeteria. The location will be announced in the E-Trader and via email.


The winner in each category will receive $75 and will be eligible for the grand prize. Runner-ups for each category will receive $15. The winning photos from each month will compete for best pic at end of the year. Prize money is 1st place $100, 2nd place $50, 3rd place $25 for the end of the year winners.


The top photos in each category will be displayed on-line with the photographer’s name. The winning photo in each category will be retained by the E-Club. All other photos may be picked up by the owner after the contest closes, after the next month's contest is judged. If the photo is not picked up within 2 weeks after the end of the contest year, it may be destroyed.

Guidelines for professional vs. amateur:

If someone has a business name and/or is promoting their work or themselves for hire in any manner excluding word of mouth between friends, they should be considered a professional. For example, if a person has a website where the intent is for showcasing their work for profit, or if they advertise their work through business cards, newspapers or periodicals, they should be considered a professional.

If someone is getting paid for taking pictures on a rare occasion via word of mouth through mutual friends, or as a result of the E-Club photo contest; or performing an occasional "paid service" job, or selling a picture or two, does not make them a professional.

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