Six Flags Family Day Coming Soon!

Six Flags Family Day will be April 13th, 2013. Mark your calendar – you don’t want to miss it!

Tickets will be on sale starting March 11 – contact Pattie Wilkins via e-mail, Bldg 117-2 or Dennis Hagler, ext. 5098, Bldg 208-2, between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm or after 4 PM. Other sale locations – Bldg 305 for South end – Marcia Payne, ext. 6201, and for North end employees, Bldg 137, Monica Bolden, ext. 6433 (call to meet for ticket pickup). TICKET SALE ENDS COB April 5th!! CHECK (made out to E-Club) OR CORRECT CHANGE ONLY!!

Tickets prices are:

E-Club members and dependents - $35

Non-E-Club members, friends and others - $40

Same price adult or child – 2 years and under are free.

Season tickets may be used for the park but if you want to participate in the meal and raffle, you can purchase a meal/parking combo ticket for $18.

Park entry, 10:30 AM – 10 PM, free parking, and all-you-can-eat barbecue sandwiches, chicken tenders, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, cookies, condiments, rolls, tea and soft drinks. Buffet will be held at the Pecan Pavilion (next to Titan Rollercoaster) with serving time 12 – 1 PM. E-Club raffle prizes will be awarded from 1 – 2 PM.


Buy now – limited to 400 people! Sale ends April 5th!

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2013 Photo Contest

2 Categories for each month listed:

February: "Black & White" and "Transportation"

April: "Landscape" and "People"

June: "Flowers" and "The letter S" (Photos can be of a subject that starts with S, something that's shaped like an S, etc. Be creative!)

August: "Macro" and "The American Experience" (Photos that tell us what it means to be an American, provides a sense of what it is like to live in this country, or that makes you think of America.)

October: "Miscellaneous" and "Travel/Vacation"

2013 Contest Rules


  • All photos must be business appropriate.
  • Entries are limited to photos taken by E-Club members (YOU, your spouse or children); no professional photographers* (see notes on Professional).
  • The picture may be from any time period. Pictures that won prizes (from any year of the contest) may not be resubmitted at any time.
  • Maximum of two entries per person, per category; therefore you may enter 4 photos per month (if you enter 2 in each category)
  • Submit on paper or photo quality paper with minimum size of 5x7. Sizes of 8x10 are recommended. No larger than 8x12 will be accepted for judging.
  • No frames; may be matted or not.
  • Label the photo on the back with the name & phone number. If you are a dependent of an E-Club member, please put the primary member's contact info as well.
  • All decisions by the judges are FINAL.
  • The E-Club uses volunteer judges, and they reserve the right to award "no winner(s)" in a category.
  • Minimum 10 entries for a category to be judged and a winner awarded.
  • A person may not enter any more contests for the year after 3 first place wins during that year.

Entering your photo:

The opening and closing dates for each category will be announced in the E-Trader. Photos may be submitted to the receptionist in the Bldg 137 Lobby, or via company mail to CBN 180, c/o E-Club.


Judging will be by a panel of E-Club members. Any E-Club members that do not have a picture entered in a category may volunteer to judge that category. The top 4-5 photos in each category will be displayed in the Bldg 208 and Center Court Cafeterias. All remaining photos will be displayed in 117-2, middle hallway (west of the break room).


The winner in each category will receive $75 and will be eligible for the grand prize. Runner-ups for each category will receive $15. The winning photos from each month will compete for best photograph at end of the year. Prize money is 1st place $100, 2nd place $50, 3rd place $25.


The top five photos in each category will be displayed on-line with the photographer’s name. The winning photo in each category month will be retained by the E-Club until the end of the contest year. All other photos may be picked up by the owner after the following month contest is judged. If the photo is not picked up within 2 weeks after the end of the contest year, it may be destroyed.

Guidelines for professional vs. amateur:

If someone has a business name and/or is promoting their work or themselves for hire in any manner excluding word of mouth between friends, they should be considered a professional. For example, if a person has a website where the intent is for showcasing their work for profit, or if they advertise their work through business cards, newspapers, periodicals, or social media, they should be considered a professional.

If someone is getting paid for taking pictures on a rare occasion via word of mouth through mutual friends, or as a result of the E-Club photo contest; or they are performing an occasional "paid service" job (or selling a picture or two), and they are not promoting themselves in any way, they are not considered a professional.

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2012 Photo Contest End of year Winners

1st place: Steve Dozier – “DFW National Cemetery”

2nd place: Matthew Plunkett - “Butterfly”

3rd place: Steve Dozier – “Bat Man”

Congrats to all of our winners from the entire year!

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Need E-Club Board Members

The E-Club Board of Directors is needing E-Club members to serve on the board for the next two years. The Board consists of 4 (min) – 10 (max) members. Currently have 6 mbrs on the board with 3 completing their term and leaving the board at the annual mtg in Feb. If you have an interest in serving, please contact Dennis Hagler ext. 5098.

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October Photo Contest Winners

Miscellaneous Category Winner: Matthew Plunkett - ”Butterfly”

Runners up: Marlene Phillips – “Archimedes”; Heidi Donaldson – “Margerie Glacier”; John Nelson – “Fish & Coral”

Honorable Mention: Lee Barron – “Shadows and Stairs”; Ryan Lange – “World in Reflection”; Lee Barron – “Balloons Galore”

Action Category Winner: Lee Barron – “Moving Lights”

Runners up: Ryan Lange – “53 x 11 King Racing ”; Matthew Plunkett – “Surfer (1)”

Honorable Mention: Ryan Lange – “Surfer (2)”; Lee Barron – “Shriners Float at Night”

Winning photos will be displayed in the Center Court and 208 Cafeterias. Honorable mention photos for Miscellaneous category and the rest of the entries will be displayed in 117-2 hallway. (Photos will be put up sometime next week.)

Congratulations to all our winners!

We will be judging for the end-of-year contest between the winners around the beginning part of December.

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August 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Architecture Category Winner: Marshall Brown – “San Antonio Stairs”

Runners up: Lee Barron – “Cityscape Dallas”; John Nelson – “Three Crosses”

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Crawford – “San Francisco”; Lee Barron – “Reunion tower”

Kids Category Winner: Marshall Brown – “Big Blue Eyes”

Runners up: Jillian Wise – “Nerdy Glasses”; John Nelson – “Where’s the Bad Guy”; Marshall Brown – “My Reflection”;

Honorable Mention: Jillian Wise – “Foot Prick”; DJ Ortman – “The Elusive Curl”; DJ Ortman – “Stained Camouflage”; Matt Plunkett - Untitled

Winning photos will be displayed in the Center Court and 208 Cafeterias. All honorable mention photos and the rest of the entries will be displayed in 117-2 hallway. (Photos will be put up sometime next week.)

Congratulations to all our winners!

October Categories: “Action” and “Miscellaneous” (Can be any subject)

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June Photo Contest Winners

Landscape Category Winner: Charlotte Crawford – “Country Red Barn”

Runners up: Marshall Brown - ”Great Sand Dunes” (color); C. Allen Weekly – “Mount Olympus”; John Nelson – “Israel”

Honorable Mention: C. Allen Weekly - ”The Road”; Marshall Brown – “Great Sand Dunes”; Charlotte Crawford – “Fall Colors”; James Campbell – “Vatican City”; Emily Plunkett – “Partition Arch”

Blue Category Winner: Matthew Plunkett - ”Eye”

Runners up: John Nelson – “Santorini”; Heidi Donaldson – “Glacier Bay National Park”; Matthew Plunkett – “Bursting Water Balloon”

Honorable Mention: James Campbell - ”Love and Blues”; C. Allen Weekly – “Ducks on the St. Croix”; John Nelson – “Underwater Beauty”; Tiffany Cassidy – “Bluebonnets”

Winning photos will be displayed in the Center Court and 208 Cafeterias. All honorable mention photos and the rest of the entries will be displayed in 117-2 hallway.

August Categories are "Kids" and "Architecture"

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April Photo Contest Winners

Flowers Category Winner: Steve Dozier – “Flower Structure”

Runners up: Lee Barron – “Red Amaryllis”; Ryan Lange – Untitled; Marlene Phillips – “Butterfly”; Lore’ Dickerson “White Daisy”

Honorable Mention: Aaron Bray ”First Texas Spring”; Jillian Wise “Flowers of Stonehenge”; Emily Plunkett – Untitled; Charlotte Crawford - “Beautiful Yellow”

Black and White Category Winner: Steve Dozier – “Bat Man”

Runners up: Tiffany Cassidy – “Sunshine and Pigtails”; Marshall Brown – Untitled; Aaron Bray – “My First Breath”

Honorable Mention: Tiffany Cassidy – “Watering Pump”; Charlotte Crawford – “Playa Del Carmen”; Matthew Plunkett – “Golden Gate Bridge”; Lore’ Dickerson – “Sparse Tree”

We are in the process of changing where the winners will be located. Our hope is to move one of the photo boards to the Center Café during next week sometime, so that one category’s winner and runners-up will be located there, and the other category at the 208 cafeteria. All honorable mention photos and the rest of the entries will be displayed in 117-2 next week as well.

Congratulations to all our winners!

June Categories: “Landscape” and “Blue” (Can be of any subject, with an emphasis of the color Blue)

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February Photo Contest Winners

Animals Category Winner: Lee Barron – “Giraffe Family”

Runners up: Kevin Duignan - “Scaling a Tree”; Marshall Brown - “Mr. Buster”; Lore’ Dickerson - “Tree”

Honorable Mention: Kathryn Patterson – “Takapuna Boxer”; Lee Barron – “Monkey Eating Fruit”; Marlene Phillips – “Rafiki”

Patterns Category Winner: Steve Dozier – “DFW National Cemetery"

Runners up: Lore’ Dickerson - “Drought”; Barry Buchanan - “Only in Colorado”; Steve Dozier - “Pivot Irrigation”

Honorable Mention: Marlene Phillips (2) – “Spectrum” and “Color Spot”; Lee Barron – “Balloon Interior”

The winners, runners-up, and honorable mention (If they will fit) will be displayed in the 208 Cafeteria on the new display boards. All others will be on display in the middle hallway of 117-2 as well as on our website. Congratulations to all our winners!

April Categories: “Flowers” and “Black & White”

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Spring 2012 Photography Class

NOTE: This class is now full.

A photography class will be offered beginning Tuesday February 21, from 5:30-7:00 pm at the Rec Hall. The class will cover a wide range of topics, from basic photography terms and camera controls to composition and lighting techniques to improve your photos. Students from past classes have loved it and felt it helped them greatly in their pursuit of better photos.

The first 3 sessions will be classroom instruction to be held on each Tuesday beginning Feb 21. The last 3-4 sessions will be hands-on instruction and practice out in the field. Dates for these will be given once class begins. 

There is no cost for E-Club members or their dependents. Non-members will have a one-time $25 fee that will cover the entire class. Please note that seating for the class is limited, and based off of past events, is expected to fill up.

If you would like to attend please RSVP to Ken Sheppa. Feel free to inquire about topics you are interested in learning about. If it’s not already planned to be discussed, we will try and get it covered for you.

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If you have an announcement that you would like posted on the E-Club website, let us know through our contact page, Click on "Contact Us" under the members link. If the announcement is too lengthy to fit, submit it by E-Trader mail at The request will be reviewed and will be placed on the site or in the E-Trader, whichever is more appropriate or we'll contact you if necessary.