Photo Contest is BACK!!!!

Photo Contest for 2015 – Ryan Lange, Coordinator, ext. 82021

Categories for the contest months of 2015 are:

August: “Architecture” – Capture the creativity and engineering feats that surround our daily lives. Photos are due COB 8/28/15.

October: “People of Wisdom” - It takes decades of life on this earth to appreciate the wisdom or our elders. Show this appreciation thru a photo & maybe you’ll meet a new friend. Photos due COB 10/30/15.

Some of the previous rules may have changed. Check the July 23 edition of the E-Trader for complete listing of rules.

Posted by Ann Sides on July 23 2015 | Link

Discounts for Area Attractions

Check out the E-Club website for discounts to various entertainment venues. From the main E-Club page, click on "Stamps & Ticket Prices" in the left column.

  • Six Flags - $45 per E-Club member
  • Hurrican Harbor - $25 per E-Club member
  • Schlitterbahn Water park in New Braunfels
  • Hawaiian Falls Water Park
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival

and much more!!!

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Email Updates

This past week our website migrated to a new server, which caused emails and e-trader ads sent within the last couple of days to not be consistently received. If you did not receive an email receipt of your submission, please try and submit your email or ad again now. If you see any further issues with emails or the website, please contact Jared Crookston. Thank you.

Posted by Jared Crookston on January 6 2015 | Link

Need E-Club Board Members

The E-Club Board of Directors is needing E-Club members to serve on the board for the next two years. The Board consists of 4 (min) – 10 (max) members. Currently have 6 mbrs on the board with 3 completing their term and leaving the board at the annual mtg in Feb. If you have an interest in serving, please contact Dennis Hagler ext. 5098.

Posted by Ann Sides on November 14 2012 | Link

New Discount Cruise Page

We have now consolidated all the information about discounted cruises offered by the E-Club onto a single page. So if you are thinking about going on a cruise in the next year, save yourself a bundle of money and check out our upcoming cruises.

Posted by Jared Crookston on October 19 2011 | Link

New Member Services Page

Under the Members section of our website we now have a Member Services page. It's an easy place for you to request new copies of your E-Club card, add dependents, or change your name on our records. So if you've lost your card and can't log in to our website, stop by that page today!

Posted by Jared Crookston on June 15 2010 | Link

If you have an announcement that you would like posted on the E-Club website, let us know through our contact page, Click on "Contact Us" under the members link. If the announcement is too lengthy to fit, submit it by E-Trader mail at The request will be reviewed and will be placed on the site or in the E-Trader, whichever is more appropriate or we'll contact you if necessary.